True Collaboration?
Do you know what it takes to ‘make magic’ together?

True collaboration, in a system where every individual
Can truly be and use his full potential
A team where alignment results in synergy
And where being impactful feels effortless

We do. We live it. We share it. We teach it.

This is about personal leadership and team membership
About speaking your truth and listening to others
A perfect balance between I and WE. It’s about US

Possible: yes. Easy: not per se.

Just think about all the times that you closed yourself
That being true to yourself resulted in standing alone
or that you couldn’t show all of you in order to fit in

But if you are willing to put in effort to experience effortlessness
You are right about to enter a new chapter in connecting….
With yourself and with others

It’s your journey, your story, your future
We offer personal support, guidance, transformational coaching,
leadership and team development, theory and proven tools.

Are you ready to live your true potential?
To be the leader you know you are?
To collaborate using deep connections

Let’s make magic together!
Let’s YINX.

We know that growth is lighter in collaboration with another

Collaborative growth is possible for any individual and for all teams and organizations.

I want to take the next step in my personal growth

It takes an effort and it requires courage to strive for personal alignment and growth. We know. We’ve been in your shoes. And we know how to break through patterns in order to grow and live a happy, fulfilling life.

We offer support, professional transformational coaching and a warm heart and open mind. Because we know that growth is lighter in collaboration with another.


I want to create the next step in my team/ organization

In true collaboration, every person can fully be himself in relation to others. Authenticity AND a deep connection at the same time. To jointly achieve unprecedented results.

Our intense programs with full attention on human potential are tailor-made. And most important: we co-create every program with you.  Working with YINX, means learning how to create true collaboration yourself.

Are you ready?

I want to become a coach / facilitator for true collaboration

We want to grow true collaboration, contribute to a world where people can be themselves while relating to others in order to achieve extraordinary results. Therefore, we train and teach others to become coach/ facilitator.

Do you want to join us?

The YINX vision

What we love to share about True Collaboration

As humans, we created complexity. Look around, to see frustration and creation of more complexity. Our old way of working is not effective to solve the issues we created ourselves.

We believe that solutions can be found in changing collaboration. Since results are not only dependent on the competence and the motivation of individuals, but also on the interaction, the collaboration between individuals.

We found a way and a solution: True Collaboration. It’s possible. We live it. We share it. We teach it.

Through living our values; Potential, Support, Love, Truth and Joy.

We want to contribute to a world where people can be themselves AND connect at a deep level, to find previously inaccessible solutions.

To contribute to this world, we support individuals in personal growth. We support teams and organizations in collaborative growth. In doing that, we work alongside with you, so you can learn how to cultivate true collaboration yourself. And in our courses we train people to create and facilitate collaborative growth.

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