Do you want to create the next step in your team / organization?

Do you feel that in order to accomplish the results you seek, your team or organization needs to build on their alignment?
Do you believe that so much more is possible, if only you could unlock the full potential in your team or organization?
Do you want more joy and effortlessness in working together?
Then maybe a tailor made YINX Program for teams and organizations could be something for you.

Our programs are built to create an environment where individuals can fully be themselves, so that they can discover new layers of their personal potential. And at the same time create a deeper connection with others.

People discover that working together can support individual growth, and individual growth leads to a deeper collaboration. Growth, both on an individual level and within teams will create a new field of possibilities, where answers for seemingly unsolvable issues can be found. Creating a win win, rather than accepting concessions.

We work alongside with you, so you learn how to create this environment yourself with your colleagues, team members and partners.

We start with existing programs, based on proven theory and exercises and we tailor make this for your team or organization.

We use the strength of personal attention and working with personal goals. We combine experiential learning with the latest multidisciplinary theories. We offer guidance, tools, inspiration and a safe and supporting space for learning.

Our tailor-made programs for teams/ organizations