Team Coaching

Team coaching is a well-known and proven way to kick start a new team. And it is a transformative tool to expand the way of working in an existing team. Ineffective behavioral patterns will be brought to the light and changed into effective ones, thereby improving results

At YINX, we add our experience in creating True Collaboration to team coaching.

We support team members to connect, first to themselves, next to the other team members and finally to the team objectives and goals. Following this sequence will open up a new field of possibilities.

We support the team leader and team members with our experience, proven tools and knowledge. So that the team herself is capable to create a collaborative and effective team space as soon as possible.

For your organization?

Do you want to kick start a new team?

Do you want to support an existing team into a more collaborative and effective way of working?

As executive team coaches, we are experienced in team coaching in diverse organizations, such as (commercial) corporates, consultancy firms, family businesses, law firms, medical centers and scale ups.

Would you like to experience True Collaboration in your team?

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