Learn to coach

In our 2 day Learn to Coach Workshop you will get an experience of supporting someone to take the next step in his personal and professional growth.

An intense and personalized training where you will

  • experience what is needed to create connection with others, while being fully connected to yourself
  • learn to create an environment to discover solutions
  • gain insights in the coaching skills
  • practice coaching someone in taking the next step in his growth
  • receive full circle feedback to grow skills and fuel the personal learning experience


The core of the program consists of 2 modules (in total 1,5 day) in a period of 3 months. It starts with a personal intake, then 2 workshops and an individual mentor-session. To create maximum impact, we take into account each participant’s situation and follow his needs.

Experiental learning

  • Mix of theory (30%) and practice (70%), appealing both head and heart
  • Theoretical framework and tools, based on:
    • International certified transformational coaching skills
    • Positive Psychology
    • Mindfulness
    • Neuroscience
    • Systemic work
  • Personal attention during the whole process
    • 1 facilitator per 3-4 participants
    • Following the situation and needs of participants for full impact
  • The Learn to Coach workshop is open for all participants who want to grow coaching and connection skills. Participants will learn from each other’s different backgrounds and organizations.